Kansas City Getaway!

 Yall!! We had such a great time! The boys were so good and loved every second!! 
What a fun memories!! Warning: like a million pictures ahead!! :)

We stopped at the Lewis and Clark rest stop, so they had to play on the boat/benches!

T-Rex Cafe was up first!! The last time we went Merritt was 2.5 and he was terrified!!
 They promised they were going to be brave and they were! They LOVED it!! Whew!! :)

We had a great table!! These dinos moved and made noise like every 5 minutes!

You know they had to have the "Frosty Freezie Freeze!!" 
They saw pics of this before we went and that's all they could talk about!!

throwing pennies into the wishing waterfall!

After we ate, we walked around to see the other dinos, they all moved and made noise!

We made it to the "little house" for some swimming and "leap pad" time!

Legoland!! The main event!! They could not have loved it more!!

Becoming Master Builders!! The little booklets they have are on lanyards and have different activities you have to complete. They had to build a frog, a camera, and a car to become master builders, then they got buttons for their lanyards! They ended up with 5 buttons!!

The little booklets also had spots to get stamps all around Legoland, 
once they got all the stamps, they got another button!

4-D Movie!! We got to see two of these! They were super cute! 
The movie is 3-D then they have rain, snow, and wind that make it 4-D! 
McCoy did not like to get wet! haha!

racing the cars they made!

DOROTHY!!! This was a highlight for sure!!

After Legoland, we headed across the road to Fritz's Train Restaurant!! 
It is so amazing! Little trains brings your food to you!

McCoy was eating and kept leaning on me, then finally he 
just laid his little head down, mid nugget, and fell asleep! Bless his heart!

We let him nap a little bit longer (he has given up afternoon nap, but still falls asleep every now 
and then) before we headed to the SeaLife Aquarium!


They had stamp stations just like Legoland! The boys really got a kick out of searching 
for these and love looking through the booklets, now that we are home!

touch tank!

We headed back home after SeaLife! 

We can't wait to go back! There are so many fun things to do in Kansas City!! 
They already have a list!! Love my little travelers!! :)


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