We made it! One year :)

Can you believe it?!?! It's been a whole year since we said I do! And what a great year it has been!! Our friends, Jared and Kati, got married last night, at the amazing Hole in Wall Lodge in Akron, IA (pics to come!), so it was a fun to celebrate with some of the same friends that were at our wedding!

Today, The Farmer and I headed down to Sioux City and had lunch at the Olive Garden, then went to Sams Club to use the membership that the Farmer's parents got us! We felt like an old married couple, buying bulk cleaning supplies and granola bars on our anniversary, but it was a very fun day celebrating our first year together! This weekend we go to Omaha with Cora, Amanda, and Kayla and our hubbies!! We have all had birthdays or anniversaries in July and August, so it's time to enjoy ourselves! Can't wait!

Tonight we are going to partake in tradition and eat the cake (cupcakes) from our wedding! The Farmer thinks they will taste like freezer burn, but we will give it a whirl anyway!! :)

I have a busy week ahead..three photo shoots, which means lots of picture editing! Ohh, I almost forgot to tell yall, I am going to see Wicked!!! In between the Montana/Yellowstone Trip with The Farmer and the Wyoming/Hole In The Wall Trip with Daddy.... Tracey, JoElyn (the Farmer's Sister) and I are heading up to Minneapolis for the weekend to shop and see the show. The timing will be rough, but I was just dying to go and so were the other girls, so we made it work!! I will certainly NOT want to get in a vehicle again for awhile after all that road tripping!!

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  1. I loved your comment about being an old married couple, spending your anniversary buying bulk cleaning supplies! haha! Last year I said to my husband, "Somehow I always thought I'd spend my 5th anniversary in Hawaii, not at Shopko in Worthington." Sounds like you'll have fun celebrating on some road trips, though! Jealous of your Wicked tickets!!