Hey Bear!!

Soo I would say the biggest highlight of our first day in Yellowstone was seeing a black bear..really close!! I got some video footage (below)...I have never used that feature on my camera, so sorry if it's not very good! I really wanted to stay there all night! Oh and I sound like a moron on video..ughhh!

We also saw some more wildlife and scenery on the first and second day, so I will post those pics next!! :)

We had such a good time in Cody, WY...loved the Buffalo Bill Museum and all the fun shopping! We got back last night and I am soo exhausted! On Saturday, I am headed to Minneapolis to see Wicked and shop with my friend, Tracey and sis-in-law, JoElyn...can't wait! THEN next Thursday my Daddy is coming up and we are heading to Kaycee, WY for our trail ride/camping trip to the Hole in The Wall! SOO EXCITED!


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  1. I am so jealous of your bear video. All we ever saw on our trip was the butt end of one lying behind a tree.