I need a what???

A ROOT CANAL?!?!?! Do you remember how I had to get a routine cavity filled on Friday? Well...the pain just never went away and kept getting worse and worse. I called the dentist a couple of times and finally this afternoon after driving back home from being at our main office for three days, I just couldn't take it and he said I needed a root canal! So I took an emergency appointment and got the first steps started....and let me just tell you, I feel like a million bucks!!! I was soo scared to get it done. I honestly didn't even have a clue what it was, the only time I have ever heard anyone refer to a root canal it's in a sentence like this "I'd rather have a root canal than {insert something horrible here}" ....so you can imagine how much I didn't want to resort to this option! The worst part was the shot...not just the normal shot of Novocain in the gums, he had to numb the roof of my mouth too and that was PAINFUL!! I even shed a few tears..I felt like such a baby, but it was bad!! Bad, but worth it!! I'm soo excited to actually get a good nights sleep tonight!!

And that's right where I am headed! I'll leave you with a few pics from our trip to Omaha! We had such a great time! I got some super cute clothes and we ate at super yummy restaurants (I even had sushi for the first time and I LOVED it!!) Now time to get back to normal for a few weeks before we hit the road again!!

All the girls!! Don't you love how our outfits photograph so well together?!?!? A photographer's dream :)

Me and the Farmer...with his eyes half closed..haha!! :)
Hopefully I will have more photoshoots to share soon...


  1. Love the outfits, love your necklace and I LOVE sushi! So glad you liked it too!