This and That!

First of all, can I just advise each of you to never use your phone while getting a pedicure!!! I was getting one today so I could have cute toes for our Omaha weekend and as I was rolling up my jeans the phone slipped and sank deep in the tub of bubbling water!! It was ruined and I was soo embarrassed, but the sweet little technician kept reassuring me "it happen all time!" All this after I had to get a stupid cavity filled this morning (which still hurts!) ohh well!! I did get a new Blackberry curve, so that was a plus! But all they had was maroon ones, which if you know me, is NOT my favorite color....just not my day!!

Now I really need to go pack for the fun weekend but I just can't get motivated...I mean Say Yes To The Dress - Atlanta is on, who can think of packing! We are leaving in the morning then I am leaving Omaha on Sunday heading to our main office for a few days to have a Print Team meeting and the Company Picnic (So maybe no blogging for a few days)..and I just can't decide what I want to bring! At least everything is clean, so I wont have to do any laundry!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will leave you with two pics of the cutest brother/sister photo shoot! I will share the rest when I return and finish editing! :)