Another fave!!!

Ok! I am SUUUUUUPPER busy at work, but these just came in and I just had to show them off and recommend you check out this Etsy store!! Simple Block Sayings!

Aren't they adorbs?!?!? These are for my friends little girl's birthdays (let's hope since they are busy teachers, they won't see this post, ha!)'s safe to say, if you have a child, and you are my friend, you will be getting one of these one day!! SOOO cute!!! I really love to buy little kids gifts...especially girls! The Farmer thinks this is a problem..I think it's fun!! hehe!
And even if you don't have kids, she makes the cutest holiday/home blocks too!! I am going to order one that says "It's Fall Y'all" in fun autumn colors as soon as I get a chance! Something like this one...

, ok! I have got to get back to working on my magazine, but you should head on over to Simple Block Sayings and die over the cuteness!! :)

We leave for Montana is 48 hours!!! All my clothes are clean and organized...just need to try to fit them in the suitcase! I have to tell you, my jewelry bag weighs more than my suitcase!! All that crazy huge/chunky turquoise, rhinestones. conchos, and crosses!! Soo excited to go to a place where it is acceptable to wear it again..ha!

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