Southern Belle Portraiture!!! - Hull, Iowa Photographer

I had my first official "non-relative" photo shoot this afternoon!!! I am soo excited!! I think the pics turned out great!!

My sister-in-law's (Brandi) sister in-law (Megan) was in town visiting her parents, who go to our church, and she had heard I was looking for "subject matter" for my photography, so she gladly offered up her two precious kids, Emily and Lincoln! I'm hoping to get to photograph their newborn cousin sometime soon...tiny precious baby photography!! swoon!!! :)

I figured I needed a name for my budding hobby and decided on Southern Belle Portraiture...mainly because Southern Belle Photography is already taken!! I am going to start work on a website at the end of the month so stay tuned!!!

These are some of my faves from the shoot!! Enjoy :)


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