Cake Pop Pumpkins!!

I have been waiting to make these for a long time!! I just love Bakerella's Ideas! Check out her site!

I decided to make cute little Pumpkins......
All you need!
mush up the baked cake!

dump in frosting!

mix it up...looks like ground beef!! hehe!

roll them into balls

melt the Cany Melts in the microwave!

Then dip the balls in the melted goodness!!!

sooo yummy!!!

love it!!!

hehe...just a little bite :)

Cade and A-dub:
get ready for HayMae to come home for Christmas....we are gonna make these versions!!! :)

How does she get them soo smooth and pretty?!?! I need practice :)


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  1. SOOO Cute! I love bakerella too!!! Tracey