Busy Bee!

Long time, no post! Sorry about that...but the bad news is, I'm headed to my office today, so I wont be posting again until I get back!! What will yall do without me?!?!? hehe!! We are having our Halloween Party tomorrow and I just couldn't miss it! Plus, I miss my office buddies ALOT!!! So I am heading down today, so I can take some pictures of my co-workers precious baby, then be there for the party tomorrow!! Soo exciting! I'm sure I will have plenty of pics to post when I get back!! Nothing much else has been going on here...Harvest is DONE!! and when I say done, I mean just the soybeans!! They still have the corn left to go, but that's better than nothing!! I rode in the Combine for hours the other night, so I could spend some time with the Farmer, soo sweet, right??! I forgot my camera but i did get these pics on my phone of Mag's driving the Combine...too funny! She's like "Puuuuuuuhhhlease, I can drive this beast in my sleep!!" hehe!! It was actualy in park (do combines even have a park setting?!?!), because we were unloading the beans into the wagon...but she doesn't have to know that!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!! I bought TONS of the best candy, so I better have some trick or treaters!!! :)


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