I really love taking pictures of food!

A. It never moves...well at least it doesn't if you cook it right!

B. It doesn't talk!! I can take 10 shots from the same angle and it just silently sits there!

C. It's evidence!! 10 years from now when we have our 3 kids (Maisie, McCoy, and Merritt - yes, I have them named..is that a problem??!?!) and my photography business has taken off, and I have 7 other random irons in the fire, and the Farmer says "you never, ever cooked for me," I will have proof!!! :)

mmmmm...stuffed bell peppers, baked sweet potatoes, and homemade apple sauce...even on a Photography-Class-Night!!! No wonder I am going to see GREASE!!! :)

Ok, ok! So maybe I didn't make the applesauce, but I did take pictures of it being made on Sunday...

My new nephew, Asher! He was the brains behind the operation!! Maybe he should get to go to GREASE too!!! :) Or maybe I'll just play tractors with him instead!


  1. What's in those stuffed peppers?? They look SO YUMMY! I can't to reach thru my laptop and eat one right now hahaha!

  2. It's just ground beef, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce!! then spinkle cheese on top! EASY PEASY!