More Crafting!!

I have been seeing these adorable polka dot Christmas balls bad they cost about 16 bucks a piece!!!

Since my theme for Christmas is pink and green (imagine that!) and I needed a few more decorations for our tree (that we scored for 75% off last year!) I decided to try my own!! I picked up some plain Christmas balls at Hobby Lobby and used some ribbon and paint pens I already had! I think they turned out pretty cute...not the best but cheaper than the above version!

I am soo excited to put the tree up and take pictures of all of the pink and green decorations I have been collecting!!! Yall are gonna love it!!! :)


  1. How adorable almost makes me want to do a pink and green tree, guess I will have to wait till the basement is done. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. My favourite colours are pink and green too, so I may have to borrow these gorgeous ideas for xmas here, hope you don't mind!!