Another Shoot!!! - Hull, Iowa Photographer

It finally cleared up!!! Today was gorgeous (it has been raining ALL month!) so I took some pics of my neighbors over my lunch break...before it starts to rain again tomorrow!! Ugghhh!!

They are such was too fun :) I even got to use two of my new chairs!! Here are some of my faves!!

Just in case you are wondering what i've been up to, I'll give you a re-cap!!! On Saturday I had my first 4-H club meeting as a leader!! It was really fun!! I am one of three leaders for the club and we have around thirty kids signed up! We were supposed to "walk ditches" which means walk along the highway and pick up a community project. I had no idea what walking ditches was, so as soon as I figured it out, I began to panic!!! I was all dressed up to head to Sioux Falls right after the meeting to meet up with my good friend Tracey, for a day of shopping fun!! I was not aware of the "activity" that had been scheduled, or I would have dressed accordingly! Apparently none of the kids were aware either because they weren't dressed to walk in the mud (see above regarding aforementioned month of rain) and it was cold! Anyway I gently nudged the other leaders to reschedule this little project, and it worked..I didn't even have to go all drama queen on them!! :) After the meeting I met up with Tracey and we had an A-MAZING lunch at Johnny Carinos!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm! Then we shopped the day away!! Soo fun!! It is nice that Sioux Falls is sort of a mid point for both of us, so we can meet up from time to time!
I also had my first Discover 4-H class today! This is an after-school program for 2nd and 3rd graders to get them interested in 4-H. I will help with this twice a it's just enough to get my fill without going insane!! I kept thinking that I was a pretty mellow kid at that age and it wouldn't be that big a deal...boy was I wrong!! I should have compared it to my niece, then I would have remembered how that age really acts!! They weren't terrors, but they weren't angels either!! It will be interesting :)
The only other big thing going on is HARVEST!!! It has been at a stand still because of the weather but got jump started again today!! I have only seen my Farmer for about 20 minutes all day!! He had to get up (which means he woke me up!) at 3:00 this morning because they got a load of calves in from Montana, then the Harvest madness began!! Sine the rain is coming back again tomorrow...I guess I will have a husband again for a few days :)


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