I have been craving Guac since one of my besties, Lacie, mentioned having made some a few weeks ago! She is in Pharmacy School in Memphis, the president of her Fraternity, and is dating a very sweet young needless to say she has zero time for swapping recipes a gabbing about pots and pans, I just googled it instead and found a recipe by the Food Network's Alton Brown!

Now I must clarify, if I really wanted her recipe she would have given it to me, but I would much rather gossip about boys, clothes, and other girly stuff when we talk, so food is out until she becomes an old married lady like myself and we have tons of hours to converse!!!

Without further ado....

Click here for recipe!

Sooo good!! And makes my Mexican Cantina Kitchen seem soo authentic!!! :)


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  1. Now I'm craving Guac, and it's 20 miles to the store to buy avocados! :(