Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Santa,

It's me, Hayley Mae...you know the girl that keeps moving to different regions of the U.S.!! I know my list this year might make you wonder if you have the right girl, but I assure you it's me!! No designer purses or jewelry this Christmas...unless you want to throw a few in for good measure!

I have recently changed my ways (got married!) and have fallen in love with cooking! Crazy, right?!? I would have never guessed it either! This new love affair has me trying all sorts of fun recipes and there are a few things I still need to complete my kitchen! If you would have seen all the stuff I got for wedding presents you would never believe I was missing anything, but to my dismay there are still a couple of elusive pieces.

Enough catching up...let's just get down to the matter at hand!!!

1. Le creuset dutch oven: I don't know what size or color I want?!? There are round and oval ones of all shapes and sizes and the colors are amazing, so just surprise me! ;) I have included photos just in case!

2. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: I am stuck on color choices for this item too, so please choose from these 3 colors :)

And...that's all!!! Just those two measly little things, they will surely fit right under your feet in the sleigh, they wont take up any room at all! I know I am sending this letter a tad early but I figured I would give you and the elves ample time :)
Hugs and cookies!

1 comment:

  1. I have both of these items and you will LOVE them! My Le Crueset is the 5 1/2 Quart Round French Oven. My sister is an avid cook and she had the same size. I think its a good size...I know she has made a lot in her's...from soup, to pasta sauce to salmon. And the mixer...you'll never know what you did with out it! I hope Santa brings these both to you!


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