Precious Baby Ryan!! Hull, Iowa Photographer

Do you remember this fun shoot of adorable Emily and Lincoln? I've done soo many shoots you can't remember :)

Well Baby Ryan is their cousin!! He is soo precious!! The little baby elf hat I bought was too small, but I brought along some other fun props! I think they turned out super cute!! Thanks so much Courtney, for letting me get some great baby practice!! Let me clarify, I mean great baby practice with photography...don't need any rumors getting started, hehehe!! ;)

These are some of my faves...I wasn't sure why everything he had was orange, until I realized Courtney's husband is a football coach and orange is their school's color...duh! I should have guessed that :)



  1. Thanks so much! The pictures turned out great! His room is also black/white/brown/orange so I wanted the pics to match when I put them up :). So many to choose from! Thanks again!

  2. He has so much hair. What a cute baby, and great pictures.