Halloween Surprise!!!

My Momma knows all about my obsession with popcorn, so when I moved to Montana, right out of college, she started sending me popcorn surprises from the The Popcorn Factory! They have the best flavors and the cutest tins!!! I pretty much got one every holiday/special occasion. I even got one for my first snow in Montana!! But when I started doing Nutrisystem, the popcorn surprises stopped coming :( If you've ever done Nutrisystem you know how hardcore it is and flavored popcorn just doesnt cut it!! Anyway...I stopped doing Nutrisystem about a year ago but the surprises never came back..until NOW!!!! Woohoo!!! And this, I have to tell you, is the biggest popcorn surprise I have ever gotten!! It is 6 1/2 gallons with 4 flavors...caramel, cheddar, white cheddar, and butter!! I am in popcorn heaven!!! I assume the bigger size is due to the fact that I am now married and have to share my surprises with the Farmer! Isn't the tin super cute?!?! I love the candycorn and the green ghost!! Thank you Momma and Daddy :) Love yall!!


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