Yes, I know it's still months before Christmas but this is actually practice for a bigger project! You've seen the wooden letter baby names hanging in nursery's...well I am doing that for Haylle Faye (Brittany's Baby..presh name, right?!?) anyway I am making it with pink and brown papers with a western/cowgirl flair! Don't worry, I promise to take pics when I am done! But for now, check out this version for my Pink and Green Christmas!!

the supplies...minus the Mod Podge, pictured later! I found it all at hobby Lobby!

Don't you just adore pink and green together?!?!?!

Trace the letters and cut them out...I am the worst at that!

Paint the edges!

the green was brighter than I wanted, but it's still cute!


Now the Mod Podge...I love this stuff almost as much as E6000 craft adhesive, lets be honest my wedding would have never happened without it!! :)

paint the Mod Podge on the wood...

Place the cut out letter on it...smooth it out really well!

Then paint the Mod Podge on the top of the letter to seal it! It dries clear.

How cute is this?!?!?! I need to paint the inside of the "O"

I can not wait to share all my fabulous pink and green Christmas decorations!!!
Where are you Christmas?!?!?!



  1. Cute! Love the papers - I've got some bright Mod Podge holiday projects myself. :D

  2. Your blog is delightful and you are an amazing crafter! My question is how does Craig feel about the whole pink & green Christmas theme? ;o)

  3. There's NOTHING a lil ModgePodge can't sassify! Love it :)

  4. love them. so colorful. i am having all kinds of inspirational vibes from these letters. thanks!!
    visting from the nester links of favorite posts.

    happy new year!