Fun in Mississippi!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! We are in Mississippi (flying home in the morning) and have been busy busy having lots of fun! We have been to three football games (the pics below are of August Ann cheering, more pics to come), we went to New Orleans, Merritt rode ponies, ate lots of yummy food, and we had our customary bon fire! As usual the time here has gone way too fast and we are headed back to a busy week! Merritt's first Story Time on Tuesday, and his first Kindermusik class of the fall on Wednesday, and my 4-H girls meeting on Thursday..not to mention lots of photoshoots! And I'm sure after 10 days of the Farmer "bach"ing it, my house will be less than desirable!! hahaha!! No more traveling until late November when my Daddy comes to visit and we go to the Black Hills, so at least we are staying put for awhile :)  Now if I can just get rid of this nasty cold I have acquired, I will be ready to get the week started! Fingers crossed, that I have a very cooperative travel buddy tomorrow :)

he LOVED standing by this fence for all the games! He thought it was so fun that August Ann was cheering to him!


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