This and That!

Sorry no post lately, but we have been busy bees! I haven't taken many pics, but here are a few from my phone :)
This pumpkin was what he chose for his grocery shopping prize! He carries it around everywhere!

yummy pumpkin muffins I made for our MOPS meeting last week! A must try!

 The other day The Pioneer Woman was in Jackson, Mississippi for a book signing for her Charlie dog books! My Momma went and got Merritt some signed copies!! I just adore her and was pretty much a jelly belly the whole time texting for updates!! I got to meet her four years ago in Minneapolis when The Farmer took me, so I was really excited Momma went to this one, just wish I would have been there too :) Thanks, Momma, for waiting in line for hours...and hours!! We love you!

he is getting so good at coloring!

scribbling away waiting for supper :)

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