Merritt Wylie- 6 years old!

Our Little Buckaroo is 6!! 
(A little late with this update!)

He is kind, loving, and oh so fun!

He continues to be a cowboy through and through. He showed Jake again this summer and ended up 2nd in halter, 2nd in walk trot, and 4th in leadline! He also did great awesome Mutton Bustin! !st place at the Black Hills Stock Show, a trophy in Irene (they didn't have placings), 3rd at Mitchell, and 2nd at Clay County Fair!  

Legos are his favorite, he loves to build all sorts of things! He also loves Imaginext pirates, his rodeo toys, and farming toys!

He loves to help The Farmer outside and his pretty proud that he can drive the Kubota all by himself!

He is also into science experiments, gold mining, and his microscope!  

He still likes to help me cook and bake, although we don't get to do it as much anymore since he is in school.

Dancing and singing are among his faves as well! He is always up for a dance party!!

He is loving Kindergarten! Can't believe how much he has leaned!! He is doing great at reading, adding, and science! So fun to watch him grow!

He weighs 49 pounds and is 3'9" tall.

He wears size 5 and 6 in clothes (although most of his size 5 are getting smaller!) 

His friends are Roman, Colby, Wyatt, Judd, and Jack!

His favorite books are anything about animals, places/exploring, and Dr. Suess!

His favorite shows are Little House on The Prairie, Creative Galaxy, Americas Funniest Home Videos, and Umi Zoomi.

 His favorite movies are Ferdinand, Despicable Me 3, Swiss Family Robinson, and Tall Tales!

He still loves painting, drawing, playing with play-doh, and crafting and I still have tons of fun doing this with him! His favorite color is still red!

He also LOVES to play games! His faves are Mustache Smash, Yeti in My Spaghetti, Uno Moo, Go Fish, Lone Ranger Game, and the Fishing Game!

He is looking forward to going to a week of Church camp this summer along with trying out T-ball camp!

His favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, taco, ketchup, nuggets, fruit loops with marshmallows, lunchables, muffins, any fruit, any bread, and vanilla ice cream! He still only drinks milk and ice water, unless we are out and about then it's sprite or sweet tea!! He is also obsessed with Icees which he calls "Frosty Freezie Freeze" His favorite candy is bubble gum, suckers, fruit flavored tootsie rolls, and air heads!

He is obsessed with any kind of blind bag/surprise toy and has recently started card collecting! Football, baseball, basketball, and bull riding!

Merritt Wylie, we love you so very much! We are so blessed to have you as our little boy and can't wait to watch you grow another year!


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