10 on 10!!

10 pics from the 10th of the month!

We started off the morning with the wifi not working! 
Unplugged/re-plugged and all happiness was restored!!

Lego creations while big brother is at school!

This Country Living cover speaks to me!! Give me all the COLOR!!

Merritt's Lego Jeep!

Mmmm Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread!!

Yall, the Target Dollar Spot strikes again!!! I was really trying to "think spring" today too!! 
It's cold again and more snow is on the way. No. Thank. You.

Grabbed this adorbs sign too!! I mean, is there anything not cute in the Dollar Spot!?

Case in point..I couldn't pass this up either!! No more Target for this month!! haha!

Movie Night! Jack and The Beanstalk!

And what is movie night without pizza?!?!

Hope yall had a great 10th!! :)

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