Monday, March 6, 2017

Craft Organization Update!

 This deep cabinet in my dining room is amazing, but it is so hard to keep organized!! I use the shelving (that the Farmer installed for me! post here) for my extra crock pots and some appliances that I only use on occasion, and the rest of it is dedicated to the boys craft and learning supplies....this is where the trouble comes in!!

This is the only before picture I have, these baskets where nice but just not very practical! I had to basically take them all out every time we wanted to do a craft and it just made a big mess...before we even started crafting!! 

The cabinet had gotten really bad...I had just started piling stuff in, since I figured it was just destined to be a mess! ha! It was finally just too much and I took to pinterest for some inspiration, and came up with the plastic drawer idea!

I divided all the stuff into three categories and bought this drawer set at Walmart!

Colors/Scissors/Glue, Painting/Stamps, and Crafting Supplies!

Now that all of that was taken care of, I needed to do something with all of their coloring, sticker, and workbooks!! I did a lot of searching but ultimately decided on this...

Magazine holders!! 
Found them on Amazon and they work perfectly to organize all of their books!!

I wanted them to be in a straight line along that wall, but this way will work better to access them!

The only thing that is allowed to be in front of the drawers are the boys pads/headphones, 
that way I can easily get to everything..quickly!! We have already done more crafts since this has been put into place than we have done in months!! Soo nice to have things organized!!!


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