More Organization!!

I have been wanting to put shelving in this cabinet and the play room closet for awhile! When we went on our Home Depot trip last week we finally got the stuff to do it, and this weekend The Farmer and "his apprentice" got to work! Merritt wanted to help, so The Farmer asked him "are you going to be my apprentice"...Merritt said "NOOOO Mommy is the princess!!"  Love it!!  I also LOVE the new shelving and organization! My boys do good work! Everything was just pretty much piled in before and I could never find anything! So much better now!

ready to "fix!"

This cabinet is huge...but I tend to just shove stuff in it...makes for a big problem when I open it!! 

not to be left out!
Daddy's other little helper!

all done Mommy!!

I know this looks like a bunch of stuff still shoved in here, but I should have taken a before pic!! Yikes!

This is all of Merritt's "learning time" and craft stuff!

the blue box is all cleaning stuff, light bulbs, etc.

This is the playroom closet

This probably looks like a mess to yall too...but again, you should have seen it before! It was a nightmare!

I keep our card table and vacuum in here too! Now I can easily access them! So excited!!

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