Adventures in Grocery Shopping!

Last night I did my monthly haul at Walmart! I pick 20ish recipes we want to have for the month, make a huge list, and spend hours in Walmart! I secretly love it! It is soo much easier just going once a month...we still have to run to our local grocery store a few times, but usually just for milk, bananas, and grapes! Anyway! This trip, I didn't need quite as much, since I made a big Sams run in when Merritt begged to go with me, I obliged! I figured he wanted to go since we have been playing "cooking" and "grocery store" alot lately. When we arrived, I quickly discovered I was wrong...he just wanted to ride the rides! Ughhh! There used to be one there that looked like Rubble's bulldozer from Paw Patrol but it was gone...he settled for the Lowly Worm ride instead! The promise of riding rides, after we were all done shopping, kept him acting pretty good..that and the 38 suckers he ate!! :) His favorite was marking off the list...not mine, I am possessive of my list (I type it all out by isle! ha!) I just gave him a piece of paper and a pen and he had a ball! 

Not sure I will let him go again next time...even though my bestie Cora, suggests, "Get the "semi-truck" cart like the rest of us and walk around in shame with your kids going nuts, while elderly men say things like, "wow you have your hands full" and stand in front of your enormous cart preventing you from shopping" 

....hmmm maybe not!!! hehe :)


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