Lots of Love!

Yesterday, we made lots of Valentines Day inspired food :)

Valentine Jello Jigglers!

Jello Fail!!
If Merritt didn't adore these, I would just stop making them! They never turn out right! I have the molds for every holiday, but I can never get it right! Oh well! If at fist you don't succeed, try, try again!! :)

Heart Pizza!!

The Farmer wanted to know why the pizza was split in the middle...umm it's two hearts dear!! :)

Heart cookies!! We LOVE the Pillsbury Holiday Shape Cookies! We get them for every holiday! So simple and so festive...and they are soo yummy! :)


  1. I know what you mean about the jigglers. I learned after failures that you dont go by the directions on back of jello box. Jigglers use less water...directions only found on the jiggler tray packaging that i throw away lol. I figured it was the same as jello box....but wasnt.lol Hope that helps. :) I learned the hard way.....

  2. Ohh thanks a ton Angela! I still the have box, will try it next time!! :)

  3. Are you using Pam on your molds before you put the jello in? Mine fall right out as long as I put cooking spray on the molds. And yes, the recipe for jigglers calls for less water than regular Jello. Good luck JIGGLING! I need to make some. The boys like them.

  4. I have been using the Pam! I am going to try them again with the correct recipe this week!! Crossing my fingers!! :)