First Day of Sunday School!

Yall! My baby went to his first day Sunday School this morning! When did he get old enough for this?!?! He was SOOO excited, it was hard for me to be sad for very long! The Farmer snapped this pic of him before we left, then I forgot the camera!! Uggghh!! His teachers assured me they would take pictures and when we picked him up, Merritt confirmed that the pictures were taken!! hehe!! 

He had the best time! He got to wear a crown, they sang happy birthday to him, and he got a present and a cupcake!! When we got back home he asked if he could go to Sunday School again now!?! :)

His teachers are the sweetest! He gets to be in their class for two years, so we are excited for all the fun and learning to come :)

He said this card was from Baby Jesus! hehe :)

Their lesson today was about the Good Samaritan, so that was the theme of his gift. They picked out this bunny with overalls because they thought it looked like a farmer! Too cute! The little tag says, "Jesus loves Merritt, Merritt is Kind!"

inscription in his book :)

When we asked him what he learned about, he said, "Baby Jesus took the coins and fell on the rocks"....ummm what?!?! Ha! After a few more questions and looking at his papers, he explained that the man (whom he calls Baby Jesus-no amount of us telling him otherwise, would convince him!) had ouchies and was left on the road (with the rocks) and the Good Samaritan was kind and helped him...whether or not there were in fact coins involved in his lesson, remains to be seen! haha!! Never a dull moment! 

They are learning a Bible verse and will recite it during Church in April! Can't wait! :)


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