A Few Of My Faves!

Thought I would share a few of my recent faves!

This Dust Buster is my new best friend! Now that my little McCoy is eating/throwing finger foods, my floors are a disaster when he is done with his meals! After a month of picking/cleaning it all up with baby/clorox wipes, I finally bit the bullet and got this vac! It is soo handy! Don't know how I ever lived without it!?! 

This isn't new, but I LOVE it!! Most of my meals, especially in the winter, are made in this!! It's just soo easy, and smelling it cooking all day is a huge bonus!!

I made these last night!! Pretty yummy and crazy easy! This is from the 101 Things to Do with a Slow Cooker cook book that I got in my stocking! I'm making four more recipes from it later this month!

I also got these in my stocking!! Love slow cooker liners! You can get these PanSaver ones here on Amazon. I got them for $12, but it looks like they are $18 now...still a way better price than the Reynolds brand and they work just as great! 

The Farmer got this in his stocking last Christmas, but for some reason we have just really started using it the last few months! Its a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker, find on Amazon here. I see they have red now too!! LOVE that!! Anyway, we just have the regular one, but it is fab! The sandwiches are soo quick and delicious!

Even Mr. Picky likes them!! SCORE!


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