McCoy Everett - 9 months!

9 months old!! 

He is 22.4 pounds and 29 inches long!

He is a real mover and shaker now...cruising along anything he can hold on to! He can stand for a few second unassisted and likes to push his walker, for a few steps before falling!

His daily schedule has stayed the same with the exception of eating everything in sight! He pretty much eats whatever we eat, as long as it't not too spicy! He had his first eating experience at Pizza Ranch should have seen this babe chow down...when he got a hold of a bread stick, it seriously made his life!

He has four teeth now! Two on the bottom and two on the top!

He is wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothes, depending on the brand, and has moved up to size 4 diapers.

He loves to jibber jabber! He can say mamama, dadada, bababa and can sign for more, clap, and wave bye bye! He also loves to dance, any time he hears a tune he moves from side to side...soo cute!

His favorite toys include the corn teether things he got in his stocking, his farm themed walker, balls, the bigger barns I just set up, his wubby (but only for sleeping), and anything Merritt has! :)

Love this little chub muffin to the moon and back!! 

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