Mommy's Musketeer!!

This is Merritt's new favorite movie!! He has been putting on different things to "be" a Musketeer, so I thought I better make him something so he could really get in character!!

I just cut the sides and arms off a bigger blue t-shirt, lined it with yellow wide bias tape, and slapped on a felt fleur-de-lis!! Perfect! 

For the hat, I just used this foam cowboy hat and glued one side of it up, then added a feather that I had left over from our wedding....I knew they would come in handy one day!

he loves it and it's probably the cutest thing ever to watch him act out the movie in his costume!

I didn't even sew the shirt part, I just used fabric glue! "Sew" easy! I might run a stitch around it just to make sure it's secure, if I can ever get it off of him!

for the fleur-de-lis, I found some clip art online, printed it out, and traced it on a piece of felt, then cut it out! 

you could really do this in any color combo or make different costumes using this big t-shirt idea...hmmmm...stay tuned!! :)

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