Church Auction!

Our Church's big auction was last night...but I didn't go :(  
It is one of my favorite things, but McCoy's top two teeth are breaking through and the evenings have been pretty brutal for all involved! Oh and he has a nasty black eye, and who really wants to take an infant with a black eye anywhere?!!? Ohh the stares!! ha! Then I would have to explain that he merely bumped it on a drawer handle in the bathroom while watching me get ready...and that he wasn't in a baby fight! Or maybe I could just say.."you should see the other guy!" ha! 

Anyway! McCoy and I stayed home! 

Merritt must have had the time of of his life though! The youth group keeps the kids and has fun activities for them, while the adults buy all the stuff at the auction! He came home with a football painted on his face (that he insists never to wash off!), had made/colored a little wooden car, a paper plate bird craft, and had a bag of candy, stickers, squishy balls, markers, and stamps!! What fun!!

But the worst part of not going, was not getting to see The Farmer and his peanut butter fudge! Each consistory member has to bring a baked good and stand with it while it gets auctioned off! I wrapped it in valentines cellophane and he was not impressed to say the least! hehe!! It looked so pretty though!! :)

He ended up buying Merritt a super cool wooden fence for his barn and some stroopwafels for me!! 

As you can imagine, Merritt loves it!

It folds up for storage, which I love!

All that is left of the stroopwafels, I only had one this morning with my pumpkin spice cappuccino (you put them on top of your coffee cup and let them warm up! Divine!) The Farmer ate the rest...maybe he didn't buy them for me after all!! ;)

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