Groudhog Day!!

Let's be honest here...I totally spaced that today was Groundhog Day! I just happened to be looking in this fab preschool activity book I got off Ebay (I had seen it on another blog, but it is older and no longer in production, so I searched Ebay and found it! Score!) I turned to the winter months activities and saw the Groundhog Day stuff, I thought to myself, "oh how cute! I wonder when Groundhog Day is?? Isn't it around the beginning of February??" Panic started to set in, and a quick Google search later revealed that it was in fact today!!! Eeeckkk!! Thank goodness I am a total craft hoarder, and had every bit of the supplies on hand!! In moments we were learning all about shadows and groundhogs and making the cutest little craft!! Go Mommy!! :)

the book!

Ground Hog Pop-Up craft! You really don't even need this book! Just google search clip-art of groundhogs, print it out, and you are good to go!!

we added googly eyes, because my "crafter-in-crime" is a three year old boy!! Enough said!!

Cutting the grass! It says to use construction paper, but I had this green craft foam handy, so we opted for that!

he loves to cut!


he also loves to glue!

Turned out soo cute!! I remember making these when I was in school..may have even been in my Momma's class!! Soo fun!!

he though it was pretty great!!

When The Farmer came in from chores, Merritt told him he had made a bear!! Ha!! 

Now the bad news....Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow!! BOOO!! I, for one, am not interested in six more weeks of winter!! Ewww!! Can we have a re-do please??!! Thanks!!

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  1. Joseph made that same craft today at school. He was so proud to show it to me when I picked him up. It really is a cute idea.