Sand Box!

Merritt loves to play in his sandbox...but our backyard is currently covered in snow, so playing in it now is really not an option!! I got this Kenetic Sand this summer on an Amazon deal, and decided to save it for the long winter inside!! I remembered it today and got it out, along with some of his sand toys....he has been playing with it for an hour with no signs of letting up!! It really is the coolest stuff! It doesn't stick to anything and has no smell! When he is done (if he ever gets done!!) I will just pop the top on the tub and store until next time! Love! :)

side note: does it seem like in every picture I post of Merritt, he is wearing this shirt or a similar Buzz shirt in black?? It's because they are the only two shirts he ever wants to wear!! Uggghhh!! :)

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