Pics on my phone :)

My sweet babe is six months today!! Where does the time go?? I will do an official stats post soon but as I sit here rocking him to sleep I thought I would share some of the many pics from my phone :) As you can see...his unofficial weight is 21 pounds, I got my hair chopped off, he likes his sippy cup and puffs, he enjoys lounging, and most importantly, he loves wearing all his patriotic and tractor clothes!! We were at the lake this weekend with the Farmers fam, I will post more pics of the fun as soon as I get all unpacked for the fifth time in a month!! Yikes!! Love to travel but excited to stay put for a few weeks :) I am also working on a fun magnetic dry erase painted door for my little man, step by step pics to come!! That's it for now, as always, stay tuned!

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  1. He loves the cute outfits or YOU love the cute outfits?? I know I enjoy them!