Six Months!!

Just can't believe my sweet little babe is six months old!! Crazy!!

We go next week for his six month check up, so I don't have his official stats yet, but he is around 21 pounds!! It's safe to say he doesn't miss a meal!! He is now waking up around 8:00am and having an 8 ounce bottle, then having a veggie and a fruit at noon, another 8 ounce bottle at 5:00pm and ends his day around 8:45pm with some cereal mixed with a fruit followed by a 5 ounce bottle. He sleeps all night, and for that we are VERY thankful :) He also loves to get a banana is his mesh teether thing that you can put whatever food you like in...he makes a HUGE mess, but he loves it! He enjoys apple cinnamon puffs and drinking water (mostly with our help) out of his sippy. He also thinks he is so big when we go out and he gets to sit in a high chair! He is now a seasoned traveler (Yellowstone/Tetons, Kimball, Mississippi, and Yankton just in the last month!) he does so well, we pretty much just take him to the movies!! hehe!! We went to see Madagascar 3 while in Mississippi, and just saw Brave on the 4th of July. He watches in awe for awhile then usually just falls asleep! He loves sitting up and playing with all his toys that make noise and light up! (new videos here: No crawling yet, but he scoots backwards and rolls everywhere he needs to go! He is in his swing napping as I type, but I really need to pack it away as he is getting WAY to big for it! He still LOVES to be in his Jumparoo and to put everything in his mouth! He is wearing size 6-12 months in Gymboree, can still (barely) wear 9 months in Carters, and sports size 3 Pampers diapers. We skype with my family in Mississippi every Sunday, and they are always guaranteed a big laugh if they sing Little Bunny Foo Foo to him! He has perfected his sweet little laugh but doesn't really make sounds yet, even though I regularly urge him to say "ma ma ma ma" ;) That about sums up my sweet little boy..can't wait to see what the next six months bring!! We love you Merritt!


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