Friday, July 13, 2012

Farm in a bag!!

I have been wanting to do this Farm in a Bag project (store farm toys in the bag, then it opens into a circle farm scene to play on) so I decided to whip it up this evening!!

Here's the details:

-Cut two circles, however big you would like (I used the cupcake tree base from my wedding as a template!!) Both fabrics used here are John Deere.

-Sew those two circles together with the right sides facing, leaving a hole to turn it inside out.

-Turn it inside out :) 

-Put two grommets in (one on each side) just through the outer later

-Get The Farmer to actually put the grommets in :)

-Sew a channel all the way around for the draw string to go through.
-Realize you can't sew in a circle, then draw lines with a fabric pencil showing where you need to sew

-Sew along those lines

-Put the string through the grommets and the channel and pull!!

-Play with baby's John Deere toys just to make sure it works!

Soo, while I love this project, I should have stuck with this version ( that I found on Pintrest! I wanted it to be a drawstring so he could carry it like a bag and not have to tie it in a loop around the bag. Well..I'm guessing the reason she does it with the tag loops is for easy open and farm in a bag above does not open easily or lay flat since I can't get the drawstring to let out all the tension. My guess would be that Merritt will throw a fit by the time I actually get this mat on the floor and ready to play!! In conclusion, I will be going back to the fabric store tomorrow and trying again!! Instead, I will just put all his duplo farm legos in this bag and maybe try to find some thinner rope for it!!  :)


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