They're Here!!

In honor of my THREE photography classes, I decided to get some cool new converter lenses! and they just came in! I'm very overwhelmed but will hopefully have some photography to show you later after I figure out how to use them!!
I Ordered: .45x NIK 52mm .45x Wide Angle Lens, 10X NIK 10x HD² Macro Lens, and a 35x NIK - 67-52mm .35x Fisheye HD² Lens. I have no clue what any of that means but hope they will be a good addition!! I'm gonna head out to the feedlot and take pictures this afternoon..ohh and get some shots of the 12 foot tall corn!
Stay tuned ;)


  1. You can do a lot of fun things with a fisheye! It will drive you crazy sometime though!

  2. Very coo! If you ever need some photography "subjects", feel free to use Asher and take MUCH better pictures than I do, and I feel like I don't get enough anymore of them because they keep me so busy!!! Good luck with the classes and have fun.