Monsterous Zucchini!!

Kenny (helps out at the Farm) gave us a ton of tomatoes and Zucchini...huge Zucchini! So I surfed the web and found two casserole recipes:

Glorified Zucchini Casserole (click for recipe)

It is AMAZING!!! I didn't know something so simple could taste soo good!!!


yummy tomatoes!!!

all the layers!

smells and taste AMAZING!! I'm not even kidding, you must try this!!!

love it!!!

mmmmmmm :)

This is the other casserole recipe I's not fab and I can't find the recipe online anymore so just don't worry about it!! ha!! It does have shredded cheese, zucchini, butter and cream of mushroom soup!

It's ok...but doesn't hold a candle to the previous one!!! Headed to warm some up for lunch NOW!!! :)


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