Sunday we went to the Clay County Fair (The World's Greatest Fair) in Spencer, IA. The Farmer was helping fit for one of his friend's little girl for the feeder calf show, so we took in the fair as well. As you can imagine, there was tons of yummy food! I had popcorn (duh!) and boiled peanuts! The Farmer had never had peanuts boiled, so since they are one of my all time faves, we just had to get some! I waltz up to the stand and ordered what sounded like "Balled" peanuts...the lady looked at me funny for a bit until the Farmer explained that I meant "Boy-eld" peanuts! I told her I was from the south and she said she knew I had to be because nobody else had ordered them, she herself hadn't even tried them!!! Oh well the Farmer liked them, so lets hope they convert a few more Iowans this week at the fair! Later, after the show, we had steak at the Cattlemen's booth, then I grabbed a bag of cotton candy on the way out! Thank goodness the fair season is winding down...my jeans can't take much more!!

Here are some pics of Sammy and her cute calves...

The funniest thing happened during the show...there was this baby in just a diaper climbing around in the stands...he couldn't have been more than a year old! I couldn't figure out who he belonged to, then all of a sudden the kid was teetering across the show ring headed straight toward the cattle!! His momma climbed through the fence and started running after him and managed to catch him right when he got to the cattle...he spooked a few but there was no major disaster! His momma gave him a nice healthy spanking, right there in the ring, then drug him away!! And where, you ask, was my dang camera?!?!?! Ugghhh it happened soo fast I didn't even think to steal a shot!! You will just have to use your imagination!! hahaha!!!

Now, on to my bad puppy!! For a while now she has been running away to the front of the house when I let her out to feed her. Tonight I decided to bring my camera outside to record her little trick...because I knew she was going to do it and I wanted cold, hard evidence!! I also discovered a huge hole in her pen...bad Mags!! She never listens to me like she does the Farmer...he has this deep, authoritative voice and mine is wimpy and doesn't phase her one bit! And yes, I do have on flamingo pajama pants at 6:25 p.m., and I do sound like a total dork on the video...no wonder she doesn't listen to me!!!! hehe!!

This week is going to be super busy with Showbox and a Goat Sale Catalog AND we are headed to Montana early Friday morning for Mariah and Lyle's wedding!!! They started dating shortly after The Farmer and I, and got engaged around the same time, so it has been super fun to go through all this with her!! I am soo excited to see all the details come together, I know it will be fabulous, I will be sure to take tons of pics to share!! :) It has been almost a year since we were back in Montana, for Nicole and Ryan's amazing wedding, so I am super excited to see everybody again!! I also finally got my outfit all figured out so I can be the best Personal Attendant ever!! I found a cute simple black dress to go with my turquoise heels and jewelry! Soo cute!! :)

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