The Last Wedding Present...

On Thursday before we left for MN, we got our last (i think?!?!) wedding gift! It is from the Ladies at The Showbox (the magazine for the Texas Junior Livestock Assoc, that I layout and design for). It is an AMAZING cutting board with "rope" handles and an engraved M on it! I think I will just display it...I don't want anything to ruin it!! They are too sweet and thoughtful!! I took some pics for yall to drool over :)

We just got back from an evening with some of our friends from church. They have a fabulous fire pit and the weather tonight was just right! We had s'mores, diet Mt. Dew (why I'm still awake), and I got the grand tour of their daughter's pink princess room! She is such a sweetie! We took Mag's over, and the kids (they have a son too) played with her all night!
The Farmer asked when I was going to make my Grandma's Jambalaya (I got the recipe from my Mom about 5 months ago!!) so I decided I would make it tomorrow along with a to-die-for Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake recipe that I found on the Pioneer Woman's Website...I am getting so jacked up for fall I just couldn't resist!! :) I am hoping to get some white pumpkins, gourds, mums, and anything else "Fallish" for the deck! I also want to find something cute to re-use the vases from the wedding..maybe orange slices? I smell a Hobby Lobby trip!! :)

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  1. Tray is awesome! We are so lucky to have such awesome clients!! Wish I were at your place tonight, supper sounds wonderful!!