My Front Porch!

Isn't it cute!!! I still need pumpkins, which is why the Farmer has agreed to take me to Pumpkinland on Saturday!!! Their website says it all!! I am soo excited to go...I really want to try out the maze, but would probably just end up tripping or getting lost..honestly, it has disaster written all over it!! Ha!

My Momma got the Farmer this Indian Corn Wreath last fall, I spruced it up with a small floral arrangement!!

I planted this mum...the little planter box was just begging for something to live in it!!

Autumn Welcome!!
I casually mentioned the Pioneer Woman Book Signing to the Farmer...then went head first into full on begging!! I think it may have worked!! Stay tuned ;)

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  1. Very cute. I'm looking forward to getting a pumpkin soon!