Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baked Ziti!

Well it's officially called Baked Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese, but that seems long and boring!! :) Click Here for the recipe on Cooking Light...yes, I'm addicted to this site! I substituted ground beef for the sausage...we just butchered one of the Farmer's steers and have TONS on beef in the freezer! I also threw in a bell pepper that was just calling out to me in the fridge! Other than that I followed the recipe...oh except I didn't use fresh Parmesan..but it's really good with just the stuff in the green bottle!

smells soo good!

first layer...

headed to the oven...

all baked and yummy!

Looks so nice on the plate! I actually got away with this little photography session because the Farmer had to take a quick shower before lunch...he had been at the hog barn all morning...if you have ever smelt the aftermath of the hog barn you would shower too!! :)

Time to eat!!!

Just had to get a shot of my new Fiesta Glasses!! Love them :)


  1. You are becoming quite the little cook!!! So proud of you!!! :) Tracey

  2. When can we all come over for dinner!!!!! JK

  3. It's only breakfast here but these photos are making me seriously hungry! Thank you for following my blog, and I am so pleased to see another farmer! I will return the favour and look forward to checking out your blog! Michelle

  4. This looks awesome. I am really going to have to check out this website!


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