Say Cheese!!!

Tonight is my first photography class!! I'm soo excited, but a little nervous too! I will be sure to let you know everything that I learn...assuming I learn something :) I'm not the greatest at concentrating and class situations bore the mess out of me!! Hopefully it will be fun and hands-on!

Ohh and I just have to share this....

It's mine!!! Well, it will be when it arrives on my doorstep!! I am obsessed with Bokeh in pictures...bokeh is the luscious, magical, blurry background, seen in the pictures of the random small children below. A-MAZING!!!

So I did some research using my Nikon Cameras for Dummies book and realized you need to set your aperture very low to achieve this amazingness...sweet, no prob...except on the lenses I have the aperture only goes as low as 3.5...pickles!!! You can achieve a decent bokeh with 3.5...but not the lovely, ethereal, gorgeousness going on in the background of the above pics!

So guess what!?!?! After a bit of begging and hinting, I am getting the lens, the lens that has an f-stop of 1.8!! ...have I mentioned lately that i LOVE my Farmer?? Well, I do...very much...and not just because of the lens, but because he believes in me and other sappy stuff like that...ok ok I'm stopping with the mushiness now, hehe!! After all, how will I ever become a professional photographer without the right equipment!?!? And at least this one isn't the $400 dollar one I thought I needed to begin with!!! I may or may not have used those lines a time or two :)



  1. Good luck! I took a photography class last year and loved it!

  2. I want professional pics of the kids at Christmas!!! So bring the cameras!! JK

  3. Thanks for becoming a follower. I have the Canon lens equivalent to this one and I love it. Hope you had a good time at your class.

  4. I just bought the same lens in anticipation of some good holiday bokeh! Have fun with it!