Cookies or Crumbles?

Tonight, after dinner (we had this super yummy Southwestern Potato Salad and grilled cheesy hotdogs!) I decided to bake cookies!! (click on picture for recipe!)

Peanut Butter cookies were all I had the ingredients for, so I got started! I also was able to use some of the fun stuff I got from my Pampered Chef Shower!

Love this scoop!

all the cookies scooped out! Looks like a good start....

baking away...hmm not changing shape?

Pickles!!! This is not what they are supposed to look like!

I still wanted to try out my new cooling racks!

The few that made it...well sort of!
I have made these before, usually they last about 2 seconds and they are gone! Just checked the kitchen...they are still sitting right where I left the crumbly mess! I guess you DO need fresh brown sugar when making these I was mixing it in this batch, I asked the Farmer how old it was...he casually said he had bought it before he even moved in this house...over 2 years ago and it wasn't sealed well!! The fact that I had to bang it apart to measure it should have given me a clue!! Oh well there's always next time :)

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  1. We will have cookie baking classes at Christmas!!!!!! Love ya!! JK