Busy Sunday!

Just got home from church and headed to The Farmer's Grandma's for brunch (I made muffins -pics to come!), but I just had to post some quick pics of my latest decoration! I finally got my candles done!! I picked up some original candy corn and the pumpkin version, dumped them in the sides of the vases that my Momma found to use for the wedding, and voila!!! Adorable!!! I even re-used the black candles we had in them for the wedding!!! Now I just need to figure out where to put them!! The Farmer was pretty excited when he saw me putting them together...I knew he was thinking CANDY JAR! But he can barely get his hand in, so I think they will be safe :)

Momma left me 8 of these vases after the wedding, so I'm gonna try to think of ideas for them for every holiday! I already have my eye on some cute, mini, pink and green Christmas balls and pink candles to use as soon as Thanksgiving is over!

The game was SOOO fun!! I got popcorn and we won 44 to 14!! We are going to go to the next home game too...although I have a feeling we will need heavy blankets and coats for that one!!


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