Spring Cleaning!

This morning we woke up and everybody was finally feeling great, so I decided it was time to get out of the house! I had been wanting to go to the Dollar Tree for awhile, so that quickly became our destination! With the promise of McDonald's afterwards, the boys acted great! I could hardly believe they were my kids! hehe!! 

I had been seeing all these fabulous organizational Pinterest posts, blogs, and videos using Dollar Tree bins and baskets, so I racked up! Of course I am going to share some pics of my progress, so here goes!!

I probably need to purge some of these items, that I haven't used since we got married, but this works for now!!

Absolutely love these baskets with the little holes (they are stack-able and I used them in the big cabinet re-do earlier this year -post here). I am using one in this cabinet to house my Yankee Candle/Wallflower plug-ins and refills!

Here, I am using them for our extra Keurig K-cups and my dishwasher tabs!

Love these little rectangle ones for my spices!
This size is also perfect for baby silverware and my chip clips!!
These larger ones really keep the smaller things (spice packets, muffin mix, tuna pouches) organized in my pantry/cabinet!

These are soo great for keeping the fridge organized!

They have the perfect handle!
Our snack drawer was in desperate need of organization! Turned out so good! #popcornlove

These are in my bathroom cabinets...I use them to store my holiday/seasonal dish towels!

Love these little baskets for our junk drawer...it's still kind of a mess, but soo much better than it was! :)

My two best boys enjoying their well deserved McDonald's!!

Mr. Blue Eyes!

Hooray for nuggets!

silly buddy!


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