Water Table!

My angel babies slept until 5:00 this afternoon! Glorious! I decided to drag the water table up from the basement and set it up for them while they slept! It's the least I could do :) To say McCoy loved it would be a huge understatement! He had the best time!! And as always Merritt had a ball..these babes love water!

These baby crocs are soo precious...they were Merritt's but he never wore them because they rubbed a blister, hoping they work for McCoy! 

For the record, his shirt says, I'm a Big Boy...not big brother! haha!

I'm not even sure why I bought Merritt any summer play clothes..he is refusing to wear shorts and only his "farming pants" and boots will do!! Ugghhh!!

Of course we have a farm themed water table! Would you expect any less?? My Momma got it for Merritt on his first b-day! Not sure if you can still buy it, but's it's Step 2 brand! I got the umbrella later, but it's made to go with it!

It comes with a tractor, two wagons, and various farm animals. Merritt loves to drive the tractor around the track, then dump water in the wagons...he did this at least 20 times this afternoon...that's 20 times of having to move McCoy away from the table, so big brother could make the tractor go all the way around the track...fun times, fun times.

Such a fun little table...it is actually a sand and water table, but since we have a separate sand box, I just use this for water and it stays a little bit more clean that way!
A little bubble time!


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