This morning we went to Kindermusik, then shopping for the third time this week! We went to Walmart yesterday, after a park date with our friends, and only managed to get a fourth of my list! My sweet well behaved boys from the day before were gone! These boys were naughty, loud, and uncooperative! And to make matters worse, McCoy has started blowing raspberries at Merritt in the car. Merritt thinks he is spitting and it drives him insane! He screams at the top of his lungs for him to stop, but Coy just thinks that's funny, and blows even more raspberries!! Ughh! Hoping this stops before our road trip to MS!! 

Anyway! I needed to finish my grocery shopping, so we headed to Fareway, and thankfully the big huge race car buggy was free, so I could shop and keep them separated at the same time! Merritt loves to "drive" it, so he was a very happy camper! McCoy enjoyed some peanut butter crackers (his new fave) and throwing out anything I put in his reach! ha! We made it through in one piece and I got everything on my list!! Woohoo!

After naps, we took a nice stroller ride, got super dirty in the sandbox, took a bubble bath, and ate supper! McCoy was exhausted and went right to sleep. Merritt is watching Monsters Inc., and has promised to go right to sleep when it's over, no fussing! Bedtime has become a bit of a struggle since The Farmer has been gone! Fingers crossed for a good night! :)


McCoy loves to watch the cows!

Afternoon snacking on the go!

McCoy just crawled in, I guess he is going to love sand too!

Loving their color changing tabs (purple tonight) and blueberry bubble bath that they picked out at Walmart! 
McCoy loves playing in the "waterfall!"

Mommy's sweet baby all clean! 

Mommy's sweet big boy all clean!

McCoy finished his supper while Merritt was still playing in the tub, so guess who wanted big brother's plate when he got down from his high chair?!?

Come on Mommy, move this thing!! :)

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