S'mores Kit!

We had another fire last night, and I thought I would snap some pics of the s'mores kit I put together! It's so perfect to just grab, head outside, and enjoy..and when we are done, just throw it all back in! 

Marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey bars, Reese's bars, chocolate covered graham cookies, wipes, and our roasting sticks!

I did lots of research, and finally settled on these roasting sticks (Amazon link) I wanted them to telescope, so they would fit in the basket and be easy to store! They work great!

Then my little Marshmallow Bandit wrecked my photoshoot! haha!

Oh, hi! :)

This kid lives for marshmallows!!

ready to roast!!

loving it!

This is one with the Reese's bar!! Soo yummy! A must try, yall :)


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