This and That!

Planting has begun, which of course means lots of watching from the windows for McCoy, lots of riding in the tractor for Merritt, lots of work for The Farmer, and lots of pulling hair out for Mommy! Hehe!! It's an exciting time, but stressful nonetheless!

 Hollywood was in the paper again! So proud of my farmer! :)

Our church "ARC Angles" had gotten a present for McCoy when he was sick, so The Farmer's Momma brought it over, along with a prize for Merritt! Thanks Angels and Grandma! Both were a huge hit!

For some reason Merritt calls ketchup, "stage coach." It is pretty funny! We tried to get it on video but then mid-recording he started saying it right!

My silly boys!! Merritt woke up this morning holding his hands together saying he had a baby bird and we needed to take it to the doctor, which of course was in the bathtub! ha!


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