Dyeing Eggs!

Merritt had even more fun than I thought he would!! I did quite a few eggs and he was so disappointed when they had all been dyed! We will have to boil more next year..I'm sure Coy will want in on the excitement then too! Egg salad for days! :)

Merritt showing us his eggs...and his best Vanna White :)

Daddy, Mommy, Merritt, and McCoy!

Every year I see all these new kits with stickers and new ways to dye eggs...but I am old fashion I guess! I just like to dye them the way we did growing up, nothing crazy, just beautiful vibrant dye and eggs! My Momma had these fancy stemmed glasses that I can only remember using at Easter to dye eggs! We would love to hold half of an egg in one color, then switch it and hold it in another color, made very pretty eggs! Such fun memories! :)


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